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Goodbye Nancy!

EACG founder member and stalwart, Nancy Somerville, is moving on.

Nancy was one of a group of colleagues from Community Education, the voluntary sector and Moray House which met in 1999 to discuss how community educators could contribute to democratic renewal in Scotland.  Since then she’s been central to everything the EACG has done – helping to plan, organise and run more than 50 events: facilitating groups, chairing seminars, suggesting pithy Scots titles…

Nancy brings commitment, creativity, enthusiasm and endless good humour – however serious the topic, laughs are never far away.

She is passionate about the EACG and what we’re trying to do.  In her own words, from an interview in Adults Learning, ‘It’s important that we give people the space to honestly debate these things, to raise questions and to get answers, outwith party politics’.

Facilitating at our events is challenging – participants don’t know each other, some have more knowledge of issues than others, timescales are tight.  The tasks are to put people at ease, encourage some to participate, discourage some from dominating, bring out key points and summarise for everyone.  It’s a tall order.  But Nancy excels in the role and is the ultimate ‘safe pair of hands’, however demanding the task.  She’s also a great support to her colleagues in the group.

Typically, Nancy didn’t let something temporal like retiring from her job in CLD affect the EACG – she carried on regardless.

We’ll miss Nancy greatly – all the best!

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