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Watch this space for our next event.


  1. John Reiach says:

    Thanks for organising the ‘hustings’ yesterday at City Chambers. I missed most of it unfortunately, but it looked interesting,breaking up the audience into ‘tables’ and so on. More constructive and engaging than the usual format. Maybe they were there earlier, but I saw no sign of the sitting MP for Ed East Sheila Gilmore, and the SNP candidate. If they failed to show, that is disappointing, not to say offensive, given that people went to some effort to turn up on a Wed evening. It was about Ed East wasn’t it ?

    Anyway, could you send me e-alerts about future similar events ( the WordPress link you sent to me earlier doesn’t work, I have the same trouble with the Derek Bateman blog )

    It’s great what you do, encouraging engagement in a positive way. Many thanks.

    John Reiach

  2. Thank you for your positive comments, John!

    Sheila Gilmore from Scottish Labour and Ayesha Saleem of the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition both sent apologies for the event as they were taking part in one of the other hustings in Edinburgh on Wednesday. Both Tommy Sheppard (SNP candidate for Edinburgh East ) and Sheila Gilmore were speaking at the Radical Edinburgh hustings event at the Jack Kane Centre on the same night. The SNP were represented by Deirdre Brock at our event and there was no Labour representative.

    As a group we are non-partisan and were in correspondence with all parties listed as standing in Edinburgh East (the constituency our venue is in) with the exception of UKIP who did not respond to our email invitation.

    We will add you to our e-mail list and keep you informed about future events.

  3. Nim Kibbler says:

    Is the TTIP the next event? It says Wednesday 30th ocotber but that’s a Friday. I’m confused help!?!

  4. Hi Nim,

    I’m really sorry that was a typo! And I haven’t been very good at keeping the blog up to date. The TTIP event was actually on 30th September and shouldn’t be under ‘Next Event’. I’ve moved it and changed the date. Thanks for your comment!
    We don’t have a date or topic for the next event, yet – but it will appear here and on Facebook once we do. Maybe you have some suggestions what you would like us to dicsuss?

  5. Oh dear, I seem to have accidentally deleted a comment here. Apologies! Thanks to JC for pointing out that the ‘Immigration Game’ was still sitting under ‘Next Event’. All fixed now – next event planned fro 26th January 2017.

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